Windows XP Still Runs On More Than 20 Percent PCs


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Microsoft had ended the support for Windows XP operating system from April of this year. However, according to Windows support blogs, still a large number of PCs around the world run on this outdated operating system. According to a latest study by Net Applications, there has been a fall of only 1 percent in its share during the month of August when compared to its previous month. The percentage of Windows XP operating system around the world stands at 23.89 percent with a minor fall from 24.82 percent that was recorded in July.

According to experts, if this trend continues, it would still take another two years for the operating system to disappear from PCs around the world. Windows 7 still holds the number one position even though there have been no major changes in its numbers in August. The operating system runs on more than 50 percent of PCs around the globe.


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Some studies reveal that many people who upgrade their operating systems from Windows XP are more attracted to Windows 7 than its successors, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Some industry experts believe that the coming months may not see a large increase in sales of Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating systems. One of the reasons is the rumor that Microsoft’s next operating system, Windows 9 would soon be released. Even though Microsoft has codenamed the new operating system as Windows Threshold, the company has not revealed much about the operating system or its release.

Windows support forums say that the alarming number of Windows XP PCs around the world could be a major source of trouble to other operating systems too. This is because as Windows XP no longer receives support or updates from Microsoft, chances are high that hackers might use this operating system as a source to enter other computers around the world.

One of the facts is that the number of corporate or business PCs that run on Windows XP is more than the number of personal computers around the world. This is because most organizations are reluctant to upgrade to a new operating system fearing of the big costs associated with it. They also find that upgrading to Windows 8 may not be a great idea now since the release of Windows 9 might take place any time soon. This means, we will have to wait for a few more months or even years to see the death of Windows XP OS.

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Threshold Goes Public

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As per the latest news, Microsoft will be issuing a preview of the Threshold, which is the current code name for the successor of Windows 8, as soon as next month. It is rumored that Threshold may be officially named Windows 9 by Microsoft. Microsoft has said nothing about the code name or labeled the next iteration of their desktop and tablet OS, even though there are arguments for dumping a numerical title due to the possible association with the Windows 8 OS, which was widely pegged as a failure.

Windows has used a different nomenclature. For the 2012 Windows 8, Microsoft had called the early looks Developer Preview, Release Preview and Consumer Preview, all open to the users. The first was analogous to alpha, second to beta, and the third to a done but not approved release candidate. Windows 7 had used the more traditional Beta to describe the first public preview in the early 2009. When Microsoft unveiled Windows 7 in the previous fall, they had seeded an invite only pre alpha version, also dubbed a Developer Preview of the operating system to the programmers and some of the influential bloggers. This was confirmed after contacting the Windows support number.

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Within hours of the release, the Windows 7 Developer Preview leaked to the file-sharing websites. Microsoft may have changed its practices for the Windows 8 OS, letting anyone download the first preview due to the inevitability of the leaks. In an update to her blog, Foley added that the Technical Preview nameplate notwithstanding, Microsoft would allow any users to download the Threshold/Windows 9 when it becomes available in the coming months. If Microsoft does ship a preview soon and then set its eyes on a second-quarter 2015 release, it will have much accelerated tempo apart from the first practice.

Eight or nine months from September means May or June 2105, that assumes that the Tech Preview will be of beta quality. Microsoft seems to be eager to put Windows 8 behind it. They have stopped beating the drum about Windows 8 and have recently announced that it would not issue any additional important updates. Instead, the firm said that they would include new features and improvements in small packets making use of the same Windows Update mechanism to serve the regular security patches. If you wish to know more on the Threshold OS, you can contact the Windows support number.

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The Different Windows Support Options

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You may bump into problems while using your Windows PC at any time. No matter how carefully you are using your PC. The problems could be the result of either hardware failures or software issues. If the cause of the issue is hardware failure, for instance the corruption of the hard drive, you will have to replace it. Conversely, if the issue is caused by software issues like corruption of the application or virus infections, you can fix it by reinstalling the application that is affected. Most of the software related issues can be fixed yourself. Nevertheless, you may be required to be computer literate to be able to fix some of the PC issues on your own.

What to do if you are not well versed in dealing with computer issues? I would suggest you to get in touch with Windows support services to get the issues fixed.

Common ways to fix PC issues

Below are the common support options to fix PC issues. You can choose the right support option based on your specific requirements.

Windows tech support forum

Windows help and support forum is a popular support option. By visiting Windows tech support forum, you can find instructions to fix almost all Windows problems. Nevertheless, you need to be computer literate to be able to understand the technical terms used in the text guides provided in the support forum.

Once you are in the home page of Windows help forum, type your question in the search field and hit the Enter button on your keyboard. This will fetch you results about your question. Choose the appropriate link and click it to open. The page should contain the troubleshooting steps. Read the steps carefully and work it out to fix the issue.

Virus Infections

                    Windows Support Forum

Windows help desk

If you realize that you can’t follow the text guides given in Windows help forum, you can contact Windows help desk over telephone. Windows technical support consists of experienced technicians. They are capable of taking remote access of your PC and fixing the issue from their side on your behalf. You can sit back and relax while they troubleshoot the issues. If your OS is covered with mainstream Windows support, you are eligible to get free support from Microsoft. If the mainstream support has expired, you may be charged a fee for the technical support.

If none of these options worked for you, you can call in a tech support provider in your locality to troubleshoot the specific problem you are facing in your Windows PC.

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Running Legacy Applications In Windows 7

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Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are the two major Microsoft operating systems currently in use and have the most popularity. Windows 8.1 is quite different from many of the older Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have moved from XP to Windows 8.1, you would have realized that many of the legacy software applications you used in the older operating system are not compatible in the new operating system. This can happen with Windows 7 too. However, the number of legacy applications incompatible in Windows 7 is much lower than the same in Windows 8.1.

What to do if a legacy application is not compatible in the new operating system you have recently upgraded to? Should you downgrade back to the older version? This isn’t necessary if you know the appropriate methods to run an older application in the new Windows operating system.

There are two different methods to run a legacy application in a new Windows OS. They are running the application in Compatibility mode and executing the application with the help of a virtual machine. The first option (running the application in compatibility mode) is rather simple.

Compatibility mode

According to Windows support page, the simplest option to run an outdated application in a new operating system is by running the application in compatibility mode. You do not have to be an IT expert to be able to do this. Simply read the below instructions carefully and you get to know what needs to be done.


  • Navigate to the particular program that you have problems with and go to its Properties. If you have created a desktop
    Legacy Software Applications

                      Windows 7 Support

    shortcut for the app, right-click it and choose Properties from the dropdown menu. If not, go to the Start button and locate the program from All Programs. Right-click the program and choose Properties.

  • In the Properties dialogue box, find out and click the tab titled Compatibility.
  • Following that, tick the box before Compatibility mode and choose the operating system that you previously used for executing the application.
  • Save the changes by clicking OK followed by Apply.

You should have been able to run your favourite application in compatibility mode in your new Windows 7 operating system. If this method does not work for you, try the second method, which is executing the program with the help of a virtual machine. You can contact our Windows support desk for any further assistance.

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Windows PC To Get Xbox One Controllers

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The first Xbox console was released in the year 2001, which was Microsoft’s first step into the gaming console market. Some of the latest releases are Xbox One and Xbox 360. There is an online service as well called the Xbox Live online gaming service that enables users to sign in and play Xbox games online. This is available only with a broadband internet connection.

The previous year there was an announcement by a Microsoft spokesperson that Windows PCs would very soon get X Box One controllers that will be compatible with the PC games in 2014. The gaming freaks are very much excited about it and just cannot wait until they get the controllers.

The latest protocol used here is a combination of wireless and wired connection along with some additional features like impulse triggers. The new software has to be optimized and written to support the functionality in PCs, the Microsoft spokesperson said in the statement. There are a few things to be done to make sure that the PC supporting the Xbox 360 controllers are also capable of supporting Xbox One controller. Windows support is also available for any type of issue that you might face in Xbox.

There was some confusion going on about these Xbox One controllers, that some doubted if the announcement was true. Now it is indeed confirmed that PCs are about to get Xbox One Controllers. You just have to wait for the drivers to be installed into the PC. Once they are available, they will work with the current controllers. Xbox does not have plans to make a separate controller that works dedicatedly on Windows PC. It will be the same way as it is with the Xbox 360 controllers; you can similarly use the Xbox One controllers as well.

Xbox 360 controllers

Xbox controller for Windows PC

This does not mean that Microsoft will not produce PC SKU of the Xbox One controller, the same way they had done for Xbox 360. The director of product planning Albert Penello replied so, when asked about their plans.

Hryb, the director of Xbox programming, made the confirmation that the Xbox One controllers very soon would be compatible for PC use. However, he did not mention any particular release date leaving the gaming freaks wondering when this would happen.

With the release of the controllers for PC, the PC users would have a great time playing Xbox games on their computer itself.  For more information on Xbox-console, visit the Windows support page.

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