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Popcorn Time is out of danger for now. This Netflix for pirates is a service that was designed in order to make movie torrenting middle-of-the-road experience that is legally confusing at its best. It was closed down completely after a legal threat. Nevertheless, it looks like Popcorn Time have made a comeback under a new name,Time4Popcorn, along with an app for Android users. It has come further with another major step of releasing a Windows version along with support for Chromecast.

The existing version available is the beta version, developed by Alpha Windows. The use of Chromecast for Popcorn Time at present is developed for early adopters and developers; hence, you might not find it that easy to work initially. Look into the website to find Windows support for Chromecast.

Popcorn Time have always outshined in the Wild West, where illegal pirating is common. The users were offered streamline service for the latest movies to the classic ones. The servers were build in such a way that they would instantly beam the media content to the hard drive. Then, on rebooting the computer this media file will be destroyed, as they are self-destructive media. Some visitors were not aware that the site is a pirated service and the data that they are accessing are pirated as well, since the website looked so legitimate.

Their recent post read that these experiments have put them through plenty of legal hardships, debating over copyright and piracy issues and the shady machinery that does not let them do what they like and also, the legal threats. This is something that they did not desire. But, they still want to continue doing what they want without major issues.

copyrighted movies

Windows Chromecast support

Apparently undeterred, they have set up two new teams of programmers providing improved Popcorn Time soon after the legal threats, taking up the mantle of the service to provide free content for everyone, which would happen with the development of Time4Popcorn. This would also be available on another version as well currently in the beta stage at popcorntime.io.

It is not possible to admit that popcorn time is legal, as it is illegal to download a pirated copy of these copyrighted movies. However, the latest service has remained out of any troubles and has stayed away from legal threats so far. However, you need to stay alert if you are using it due to their past record. As for the latest Time4Popcorn, it is ready to start its service with Windows support for Chromecast.

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Google To Include Advanced Features In Chrome 37

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According to latest reports, Google is all set to end its age old technology to display fonts on Web pages in its Chrome browser for Windows. Along with this, the company is also planning to launch more advanced updates that will make its most used browser much more sophisticated and user-friendly.

Hence, it can be said that Windows users would find it much easier and convenient to run the latest version of Chrome browser in their systems. Upon hearing this news, many users started calling the Windows support team to know about the availability and features included in the Chrome for version 37. Sources state that the preview of the updated version will rely on Microsoft’s Direct White technology. Earlier, Microsoft had launched the Direct Write API with its most popular operating system i.e. Windows 7. The company also made the technology available to Windows Vista SP2 and it came to be known as Platform Update. Compared to Windows 7, Windows XP doesn’t support Direct White.

Earlier, Google used to rely on Microsoft’s Graphical Device Interface (GDI), which was a core component of Windows since this technology was launched in 1985. Of late, there have been many speculations regarding the launch of an updated version with an array of new and advanced features that were unheard of in any of the versions prior to this. According to the technicians at the Windows support team, the current version of Chrome i.e. Chrome 36 continues to use the Graphical Device Interface to provide texts on the web browser. Hence, it can be said that the 30-year-old technology is soon to get revamped with an array of interesting options.

Platform Update

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According to Emi Eklund, “Chrome 37 adds support for DirectWrite, an API on Windows for clear, high-quality text rendering even on high-DPI displays.” Talking about the long gap between the GDI entry and the availability of the Direct White support, Eklund stated that “The switch to DirectWrite … required extensive re-architecting and streamlining of Chrome’s font rendering engine.” Few months ago, several developers had reported about the bug tracker and how they would make Direct Write available to work inside the sandbox.

Now, since Microsoft has already stopped providing support for Windows XP and will be doing the same with Windows 7 the next year, it is quite certain that the latest version of Chrome would be suited for the latest versions. Chrome 37 once launched will definitely provide stiff competition to its counterparts in the market.

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Xbox One Coming To Windows For $199?

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Xbox is a gaming device that is one among the most popular gaming consoles, which is preferred and proclaimed by a large number of gamers. There were many releases of the Xbox, such as Xbox One, Xbox 360 etc. There is one feature that made Xbox different from the other gaming consoles, but now the same trend is being followed by other consoles.

The camera device was a talk among people when it first came with Xbox. The camera, also called as NSA Spybox colloquially is coming in other gaming consoles as well. Engadget picked news from the official site for Microsoft and Windows support where they found out an offer for Xbox gaming console. The developer kit for Kinect 2.0 from July onwards will be available for 199.99 dollars only.

The original Kinect from Xbox 360 was introduced by Microsoft for Windows, which happened only two years post the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360. In addition, there was a report on the sales of individual SKU: there were about 18 millions sales according to the Huffington Post’s report.

The launch of Kinect 2.0 and Xbox One is already losing its exclusivity tag for a position in Windows’ Greener Grass, which is happening almost before the launch could complete a year. Earlier, the Kinect could only be used with the console plugged to the TV and could only control the game from there. Nevertheless, with the latest launch, all that you did on the TV can be done on your personal computer as well. You can visit the Windows Support page to know more about this.

Xbox Gaming Console

           Windows 8 And Xbox

Using the original and genuine Kinect on your PC is for designing the game that you want to play; this is one of the biggest uses of Kinect. This is one of the features, which is hidden and goes un-advertised. From this mark-less motion capture, iPi Soft, a Russian software development group has made huge revenue.

From the polls made on people’s interest, we found that 79% of the gamers are not interested in purchasing Xbox One without Kinect at a cheaper rate and another poll done in a German website about purchasing a Kinect less Xbox, there were about 38.2% of people who had no intention of buying an Xbox gaming console. About 21.2 percent of people showed their interest on purchasing Xbox without Kinect in a poll on the website called GameSpot. About 10.3 percent of people think that Kinect is still a newborn and it only has reduced the cost of the Xbox gaming console.

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How To Setup A Email Filtering Rule In MS Outlook

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              About Outlook Rules

The most striking benefit of using MS Outlook is the abundance of different options and features for managing your email accounts, messages, contacts, and other data. The application comes with a very user-friendly Outlook email setup wizard that allows you to add multiple email accounts to it. However, accounts from different email service providers can only be added if they are the standard email protocols supported by Outlook.

Once you have finished the Outlook email setup procedure, you can use the options and features in the email client application for effectively managing your email messages and data. One of the most useful options for that is the Outlook Rules feature.

Using Outlook Rules for filtering your email messages

Outlook Rules option allows you to setup a standard, which will specify an action that the application should perform, if a certain condition or conditions are met. You can use this option for identifying and transferring email messages from the primary inbox to a separate folder. Let’s see how to do it.

Steps to follow

  • Launch the Rules wizard from the Tools menu in Outlook. Press New to start a new Outlook Rule. Leave the first option Check Messages when they arrive as it is, and click Next.
  • In the next step, select the condition With Specific words in the subject. Now, in the Rule Description box provided there, click on the hyperlink specific words to enter a word or phrase, you want Outlook to identify in the message subject line and clickAdd, followed by OK.
  • Similarly, click on the hyperlink provided in the option Move it to the specified folder to choose the folder, to which you want these messages transferred. Click Next to continue.

    Email Service Providers

              Contact Outlook Support

  • You will see even more options for adding exceptions to the rule and so on. You can skip this step, if you do not need such additional options.
  • You will be now back on the Rules wizard window, where the newly created Outlook Rule will be displayed. Here, click on the OK button to save these settings and exit the wizard.

You have now successfully created an Outlook Rule for filtering your email messages. Whenever a new message arrives in the Inbox, Outlook will look for these criteria mentioned in the condition in the message subject line. If the condition is met, then that message will be transferred to the folder specified in the rule.

For any other doubts about the Outlook email setup or setting of rules, get in touch with our Outlook support team.

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