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Windows is a great operating system, since it has an interface that is easy to work on and understand for people of all lifestyles. It has been over 20 years since they have been serving people with their technological needs. Even though it is helpful for users in every way, when the operating system runs into issues, you will have to seek advanced Windows support. You might encounter errors related to startup such as issues with system.ini or any other services.


  • Get the original Windows OS setup disk and Insert it into the computer.
  • Turn the computer On and choose to Boot From ROM or any Other Media, from the boot menu.
  • Press the R key to initiate the repair procedure. When you login, choose the Administrator Account to repair the computer.
  • Next, you need to follow the Onscreen Instructions, at the end, the computer would initiate a Restart.

In case you have set a restore point earlier, you can try using that to undo the changes that made the computer to act weird. Even after restore, if you find issues with the computer, follow these instructions.

  • Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key on the keyboard. This will lead you to Advanced Boot Options.
  • Out of the options, select the option that says Safe Mode or Safe Mode With Networking. You will not be able to use the mouse when you are on the advanced boot menu screen. You will have to make use of the arrow keys to move up and down.

    Windows OS

                Windows Registry Cleaner

  • In this method, you will be able to diagnose the cause of the issue. If the computer works fine in this mode, then you just have to change the drives and update to the latest.
  • The next step is to run a registry cleaner, if you have not installed it yet, then get it downloaded from a trusted site and install the same on the computer.
  • Run the registry cleaner after installing the same, which helps in fixing damaged files.
  • Remember to take a backup of the registries.
  • Plenty of registry cleaners are available online that are available for free download.

The next step is to update your antivirus program on your Windows OS. After updating, run a full scan of the computer. Even now if you have not diagnosed the cause for the startup error, the presence of some virus or malware might be the cause of the issue for which you would need to get further Windows support.

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Troubleshooting Your System With Windows Support

Windows Support

             Windows Support Site

Windows support is very helpful when your system runs into issues or when it freezes out. There are several issues which Windows help desk will be able to resolve. Some of them are performance issues with Windows 8, issues with the driver installation and other common technical problems.

Instructions To Fix Performance Issues With Windows 8

  • Press the combination of these keys on the keyboard – Ctrl+Shift+Esc, to open the Windows task manager.
  • To know the current CPU time, you need to click on the option called More Details. Some of the other details that you get to know about are the network bandwidth, hard drive and RAM.
  • To view the chart of the resources that were used some time back, click on the Performance tab.
  • If you notice that the boot time is slow, to see the programs running during boot, click on the Startup tab.
  • The time taken for each program is displayed with the Startup Impact.
  • If you think that there is no need of a high impact program during startup, then you can Right Click on the same and select the option called Disable.
  • This particular program will not boot the next time you boot the computer, thus increasing the speed of the computer.

Instructions To Fix Issues While Reinstalling A Driver/Audio Driver

In most of the cases, the audio or the sound drivers create issues in the computer. Sometimes these drivers become corrupt or they might need an update. Our support desk has some of the best technicians to render support for Windows 7 computers. Follow these simple steps to resolve the issues with driver installation.

Driver Installation

                 Windows Help And Support

  • Click on the Start Menu, in the area to search- type Device Manager and hit Enter, which opens the device manager window.
  • You need to double click on the option called Sound, Video, And Game Controller.
  • Now you need to click on the Driver that has issues.
  • Click on the Driver Tab and select Uninstall.
  • You will have to Insert the driver Disk for Windows 7 and follow the On Screen Instructions to reinstall the drivers.

With the help of Windows support, you will also be able to resolve many more issues easily and quickly. With apt Windows help, you will also be able to reset forgotten Windows OS passwords, for which you will need a password reset disk. Contact our tech support desk in case you need assistance regarding any technical issues.

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Windows XP Still 2nd In Terms Of Market Share Despite End Of Support

Windows Support

Support For Windows XP

One of the popular operating systems that Microsoft has ever released is Windows XP. It is the operating system that redefined the look and feel of the traditional Windows operating system. However, the tech giant ended Windows support provided to the 12 year old operating system on April 8, 2014. The decision by Microsoft to end the support actually came as a big blow to the users since Windows XP is the operating system that is mostly employed in many businesses and homes.

Even though the Microsoft support for Windows XP ended last April, the popularity for the operating system never went down and it still holds the second position in popularity among all the Windows operating systems. According to the Internet browsing data kept by the two major OS share tracking outfits named NetApplications and StatCounter, it was found that if the current sales figures of Windows XP continued to remain the same, it will hold the number two position for a few more months, until some other operating system overtakes the sales figures of XP.

According to Net Applications’ data, the market share of Windows XP had been going down every month starting February this year. However, the sales figures saw a hike in the months May to June. Based on the same data, the market share of Windows 7 is 50.55 percent whereas the Windows 8 market share is only 12.54 percent, which is quite low.

Microsoft Support

Windows Help For XP

Moreover, according to the data figures generated by StatCounter, it was found that the global market share for Windows XP is only 16 percent in the month of June but this number is enough for XP to take the second place. This is because the market share for Windows 8 is only 14 percent and in a few months time, it will overtake the market share of Windows XP.

This is not the case in the country of United States. According to the figures given by the StatCounter, it was found that the market share for Windows 8 has already overtaken Windows XP in the month of April. This continued until June where the market share of Windows 8 is 14.94 percent whereas the Windows XP constituted only 14.13 percent of market share. In United States, the second position is taken by Mac OS where it could clock a market share of 16 percent.

Thus, it is evident that Windows XP is still popular among many users. For more information regarding this, contact our Windows support team.

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Microsoft's Decision To Roll Out Security Patch For XP Stuns Tech World

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Deviating from its previous plans, the Redmond based software giant has rolled out a critical update for its dead operating system Windows XP. The update is reported to be helping millions of users who still use Windows XP operating system on their PCs.

Sources privy to Microsoft’s Windows support desk said that the update was capable of addressing a line of issues being reported across IE versions, including the ones compatible with Microsoft’s dead operating system Windows XP. What surprises most is Microsoft’s immediate decision to loosen its tight support policy. The tech giant had officially lifted Windows support for XP on eighth of April this year. It had announced that there would be no more security updates for Windows XP operating systems or any of the Microsoft applications that are compatible with the OS. But the present decision is a clear deviation from what it had said. The critical security patch update the company issued is meant for Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11.

Meanwhile, Microsoft said that it was not an update solely meant for Windows XP. The update addresses a major vulnerability across multiple IE versions, 6 through 11. The vulnerability has the potential power to corrupt the memory of PCs and enable the attackers or hackers to execute arbitrary codes at will. This was a serious issue and the scenario that made Microsoft to act on immediately irrespective of the OS versions with which the browser has compatibility.

No further updates for XP will be rolled out

Windows XP Support

             Windows Support Desk

Microsoft gave the XP users a clear warning that it wouldn’t be rolling out any security fixes in future. Had the recent vulnerability didn’t affect other OS versions, say Windows Vista and Windows 7, the company wouldn’t have cared issuing the update – sources privy to Microsoft reported. For the time being, the tech giant has decided to roll out paid support for Windows XP. This will be only for a limited period of time.

Microsoft encourages Windows XP users to migrate their OS to Windows 7 or Windows 8 for safe and secure computing. The company said that it wouldn’t take responsibility for any vulnerabilities causing to Windows XP in future. Reports indicate that the vulnerability issues on XP have doubled since Microsoft ended Windows XP support on 8th April. Techies advise XP users to restrict the use of XP for offline tasks as it can ideally prevent hackers from attacking the PCs.

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Phonegap, Dropbox And Hadoop Support Added To Windows Azure

Windows support

Windows Azure Support

If you were to ask any geek, you would know about cloud computing and that cloud storage is the future. Knowing so, Microsoft joined the cloud computing bandwagon by bringing out its own cloud-computing platform, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft now builds, deploys and manages applications and services for enterprises using Microsoft-managed datacenters.

Microsoft Azure platform supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks that include Microsoft-specific and even third-party software and systems. The latest string of services that Microsoft Azure has added to its kitty includes PhoneGap, DropBox and Hadoop. To know more about these latest features, you can contact our Windows support.

This feature will allow developers to connect HTML5 web-client apps, Apache Cordova/PhoneGap and Windows Phone 7.5 clients to use Windows Azure Mobile Services as a backend. This insight, announced by Scott Guthrie, a corporate vice president in the Microsoft Tools and Servers group, suggests the new mobile services web client library will support Internet Explorer 8 and “current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, plus PhoneGap 2.3.0+.”

Moreover, Microsoft Azure can be used to work with DropBox in order to provide support site and app deployment to any website. In addition, Windows Azure will also support Mercurial repositories that are used when setting up continuous deployment of websites from CodePlex or Bitbucket repositories. In order to make way for these features, Windows Azure made updates to its user interface. In order to support mobile platforms that support of web clients on HTML5/JS, the popular library of PhoneGap were added.


Azure Support Updated

Other features of Windows Azure includes HDInsight, which provides the capability to deploy, manage and use Hadoop clusters running on Windows Azure. Probably the best part of Azure is its cross platform support, which is proficient in providing the cloud infrastructure for all popular mobile platforms:Windows 8, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.

It seems Microsoft has learnt its lesson from making the mistake of staying in a single platform before. Earlier, Windows products and services were limited to Microsoft products alone, which caused a lot of compatibility issues. When Microsoft rivals provided cross platform compatibility, the Microsoft sales went down, teaching them a lesson the hard way.

As it seems, Azure will be a game-changer for Microsoft. Although it provides a range of functions that have not been offered before by any other rival, the user interface of Windows Azure still conforms to the usual Microsoft’s interface. This means, users will enjoy a certain degree of familiarity when working on this software. To know more about Azure, contact our Windows support.

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