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Windows 7, one of the latest Windows installments requires a more powerful computer than Windows XP and previous versions did. According to software-giant Microsoft Corporation, if your computer is running Windows Vista, it should be able support Windows 7. The software maker has a detailed list of minimum computer hardware requirements for Windows 7, but matching these to your computer’s specifications can be a formidable task.

But Microsoft provides a program that helps analyze your computer and informs you how well your computer can run Windows 7. This particular program also informs you if certain programs on your computer would not run on Windows 7 Operating System. Here are the Windows support instructions that will help you install Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Setup so that the software can inform you how well your system can run Windows 7 OS.

Windows Support instructions

  • At first, you need to download the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program to your computer. You can do this by visiting Microsoft., and from there you can install the software.
  • Then you need to double-click on the downloaded Windows7UpgradeAdvisorSetup.exe file on your computer.
  • After that, you need to carefully read the license agreement, and then click first I Accept the License Terms and then Install. This will start the installation process. You need to wait few seconds for the installation process to complete.
  • When the installation is complete, you need to click on the Close for the installation to take effect. The Upgrade Advisor automatically launches.
  • Then you need to connect any external devices such as MP3 players, printers, scanners, external hard drives, digital cameras and other USB devices to your computer and power them on.
  • Subsequently, you need to click on the Start Check button at the bottom-right corner of the Upgrade Advisor window.

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  • Then, you can click on the 32-bit Report or 64-bit Report tab at the top of the window after the system check is finished to view a report.
  • Then, you need to scroll down in the window and read the information about your computer. The Upgrade Advisor lists hardware as Not Compatible if Windows 7 does not support it and of course the vice versa if Windows 7 supports it. It also displays information about programs on your computer that will not run properly on Windows 7.

So, in this way, when you start using the amazing Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program, you can analyze whether Windows 7 supports the hardware or not.

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Delete Data Permanently From Windows OS Without Any Traces

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There may be many reasons for you to delete a file permanently from your Windows PC. Perhaps, you want to sell it to a stranger to buy a new machine or it may be a shared PC that some of your friends or family members use. You might have some personal data in it that you do not want those who use your PC to see. Whatever the reason, if you want to delete a file permanently from your PC without any traces, you need to take some extra steps. The following instructions would help you in this. Alternatively, you can visit the Windows support page for assistance.


  • Turn on the Windows PC where you have the files that need to be destroyed completely without any traces.
  • Locate the files and select them all. If you have multiple files, press down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and select the files. Once the selection of files is over, right-click on the mouse and select Delete from the dropdown menu. This will not permanently delete the files but only dump them in the Recycle Bin.
  • Now, go to the Recycle Bin and press the red coloured X button on the upper part of window to clear all items from the Recycle Bin. Once the files are removed from the Recycle Bin, recovery of them will not be possible unless a tech-savvy user tries to recover them using third party file recovery software.

    CD drive

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  • Even if the files are removed from the Recycle Bin, they are not totally erased from the system. They can still be recovered from the hard drive. In order to ensure that the file is erased from the hard drive, you need to format the hard drive. After formatting the hard drive, file recovery is quite difficult although it is not impossible.
  • Before you format your hard drive, make sure that you have the Windows Installation CD.
  • After getting the Windows Install CD, insert it in the CD drive and restart your PC. Follow the install prompts and select the option titled Format.
  • Select the drives you want to format and follow the on-screen prompts to format the drives of your choice.

You have now successfully erased personal data from a PC without leaving any traces. If you have any doubts, get in touch with the Windows support personnel online.

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Does Microsoft Need To Overhaul Its Product Line?

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Microsoft is going through tough times lately. The surge of smartphones and tablets has resulted in the decreasing demand for Windows based PCs. Desktops and laptops are mainly used these days for office purposes. People prefer tablets or smartphones for everyday communication, social networking, gaming and other fun activities.

When it comes to tablets and smartphones, most users prefer Android although Microsoft has released smartphone and tablet versions of Windows 8 operating system. Many Windows users have since contacted the Windows online support services with problems in the new Windows operating systems.

Decreasing demand for Windows Phone operating system

Microsoft’s mobile operating system Windows Phone could not make an impact in the market. Apparently, Microsoft had to face big challenges from competitor operating systems like Android and iOS. Many are of the opinion that Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia, one of the top mobile manufacturers, was to make it a platform for Windows powered smartphones. The decision to acquire the mobile giant was part of a well-planned strategy.

Microsoft has been providing the Windows Phone operating system to other mobile manufactures like Samsung, LG or Sony, so that it could reach more people. Microsoft would also focus on making Windows Phone the default OS platform for Nokia would popularize its mobile operating system since Nokia once enjoyed the status as the most popular mobile manufacturer in the world. But, we have seen that the demand for Nokia mobiles dwindle ever since the rise of smart phones.

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Another reason for the failure of Windows Phone is Microsoft’s conventional business model in which the company demands to be paid by device manufacturers for using its operating systems. Google adopted a different policy in this regard. It did not charge any money from device manufacturers for using its Android operating systems. As a result, hundreds of device manufacturers use Android OS. On the other hand, only a few manufacturers are using Windows Phone OS. The Windows online support services and the security functions did not help in this competition.

Microsoft could make a strong come back if it is ready to make Windows Phone more competent by incorporating more apps and improving the Windows online support services for it. Hope you found the information provided in this article useful.

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Disabling The Pop-Ups From Windows Help

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support for Windows

Microsoft is very keen on alerting their users with regular tips in the form of pop-ups and alert balloons. In some cases, this will be very useful but in some, it will be a nuisance and distracting to the user. However, there is no need to worry as it can be easily disabled by making some changes in the Registry Editor utility settings. This is indeed recommended by Microsoft. Well, given below are the instructions given by the Windows support team that will help you disable the pop-ups from the Windows help section.


  • Navigate to the bottom left corner of your Windows taskbar and click on the button called Start. This will make available the Start menu on your screen. From there, click on the option called Run, followed by typing the words regedit in the command box. Now a window showing the registry editor will be opened in your screen.
  • Expand the key that is labeled as HKEY_LOCAL_USER and you also need to go to the following path SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows > Current Version > Explorer. After that, click on the folder named Advanced.
  • On the right pane, right click on an empty space and from the drop down menu, you need to select the option labeled DWORD Value. On the right pane, at the bottom of the other values listed, a New Value #1 will be displayed.
  • Now, you need to give a new name to the new DWORD that you have just made. Select the option called Rename from the drop down menu after right clicking on it.
  • You need to type the name EnableBaloonTips

    Windows help section

    Windows tech support

  • After that, you need to give a double click on this EnableBaloonTips entry. Double clicking on it will open up a new window on your screen.
  • In the provided text field for its Value data, you need to enter the value 0 (zero,) followed by clicking on the button Ok. This will confirm your action.
  • After making these changes, you need to restart your computer.

The above tips will help you disable the pop ups from Windows Help. If you have any further doubts regarding this, you may visit the Microsoft support webpage. The Windows support team online would answer all your queries.

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Windows Support Scam Calls On The Rise

Windows support

Windows support for XP

Windows XP is the most popular operating system from Microsoft and this operating system is still employed in many schools, colleges, businesses and organizations. However, Microsoft decided to end the Windows support given to the XP operating system and all the Windows XP systems across the world would thus face problems. Because of this end of support, there are many cases reported about criminals calling the customers claiming that they are calling from Microsoft and they are calling to offer genuine computer support remotely.

In fact, these calls are mainly coming from outside US and their main intention is take away your personal and financial information by making you install some malicious software. Usually, these criminals call the customers by saying that they are calling from the Windows IT remote support section and say that an infection has been identified in your system. After that, they would ask you to open the Windows log. Once the Windows log is opened, they will point out the normal and harmless entries there and try to convince you that they are harmful to the system. Following this, you may be asked to install some software to fix these issues or they would request permission to access your system remotely.

UK is the main target for these kinds of fraud calls, where it is not possible to stop the calls from international numbers even though there is a software to block unwanted calls in your phone. There have been reports where a person received almost six calls a week claiming to give Windows support despite the fact that the person does not own any computer. However, there have been some steps taken by the Federal Communications Commission in the United States to track the origin of these calls and to catch the culprits. However, the authorities are not sure about stopping this fraud calls fully since the calls are coming from all across the world. Therefore, the only way to find a solution is by telling others about these issues and tells them not to reply to these types of calls.

Federal Communications Commission

Windows XP support

Microsoft is going to end the tech support for Windows XP on April 2014 and by this decision, Microsoft is pulling all the XP customers at risk. The tech giant clearly pointed out that they never used to call customers offering tech support and therefore, if you get any such calls, then it is better not to reply or give any details.

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