Microsoft Launches New Version Of OneNote For Macs

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Recently, Microsoft announced the impending launch of a new version of its OneNote note-taking software for Macs. The latest version is said to comprise of additional features as well as free tier for all the users of the software. It is clear that this is an excellent marketing strategy devised by Microsoft to make users switch from the overly popular Evernote. According to Microsoft chat support, the latest version developed by Microsoft would enable the users to avail the features of the Office 365 suite of software, which normally costs US$99 a year, for free.

Thus, as mentioned earlier by providing a free version of OneNote, the software giant has ensured that it would be somewhat superior to that provided by Evernote. This even includes the feature of providing offline access to notes and the way it enables multiple people to work on the same note simultaneously. Another feature offered by Microsoft is that here users would also get 7 gigabytes of free online storage through the OneDrive cloud storage service. In contrast, Evernote users only get up to uploading 60 megabytes of data per month for free. The premium users according to the Microsoft chat support, however, can upload 1 GB of data per month by paying US$45 a year. There is also an OneNote Clipper button for web browsers, which easily helps the users to save web pages as notes. In addition to it, a universal email address in OneNote provides a single destination for users to save the email documents as notes. On the other hand, Evernote already has its own clipper and an individualized email address for sending notes to oneself.

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For users who plan to purchase the complete Office 365 Home Premium subscription, a 20 GB of free cloud storage would be provided. The Office 365 programs comprises of the Outlook email program, Excel Spreadsheet Software as well as the PowerPoint presentation tool. Hence, according to the Microsoft chat technicians, it is certain that this tool would be especially beneficial for the business users who would think about protecting their information securely. All they would require is to subscribe to the application. According to David Rasmussen, who serves as the group program manager for OneNote, the latest move by Microsoft is to widen the business perspective of the software firm and work with other software platforms.

Therefore, it is clear that by launching such free versions, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in maintaining its supremacy in the tech field.