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       Features Of Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is the new communication messenger tool from Microsoft, which was earlier known by the name Microsoft Office Communicator. According to Microsoft Live chat, this messenger program replaces Windows Messenger and is intended for the corporate users. The tool includes both the server component and client component. It also works on Android and iOS operating systems. Another feature of the tool is that it has cross network support.

Limitations of Lync

Even though the chat tool has numerous features incorporated, it comes with a few limitations too. The major drawback of the tool is that it does not allow you to connect with any external servers other than the Lync server. It also necessitates authenticating the program with the local network before accessing the server. This in turn stops the program from accessing Google Hangout or Google chat, according to Microsoft Live chat.

Server Side

Lync server allows you to connect with other instant messaging programs like Google Chat and Yahoo messenger. For this, the Lync server uses Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol. For this, the program should access Lync server and change the configuration settings, like the server certificates. Keep in mind that there should be an exclusive server dedicated to run the XMPP gateway. However, this machine requires only the basic configuration to run the gateway.


As mentioned above, Lync servers could access Gmail. However, the server should be configured to access the port 5269. When the configuration process is over, users can access their Google account. For this, they require to first connect to the server and then connect to the XMPP interface. The network administrator sets the rules for the clients.

Google contacts in Lync

Google Hangout

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If you wish to access Google contacts from Lync, you may add the contacts. For this, the users ought to configure the Lync program. This is enabled through the Lync server after the user configures the XMPP gateway. In order to add Google contacts, the user should turn on the option Public instant messaging in the program. Then the user ought to enter the details of the Google account for authentication purposes, as per Microsoft Live chat support

By configuring Lync messaging tool, users can make use of the improved chat functions and perform cross platform chats. Lync is rich with various features and is much updated from its predecessor Office communicator. According to Microsoft Live chat support, the program works with most of the Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP etc.