Tech Support Companies, and SupportDock comparison guide

People tend to complain about the general lack of tech support that is abailable online, and in person. Most companies will charge a lot of money, or they will force you to sit with them for multiple hours, while charging you way too mcu hcash. So, what do you do if you need tech support?

We did the work for you and researched some of the top Online and offline tech support companies, to show you the side by side value and what they can bring to the table:

First, let’s compare the services provided by the 3 companies:


Omni Tech Support SupportDock iYogi
Price $50-200 $60-350 $50-350
Overall Rating •••• •••
Negative Remarks  Took a little longer than expected Questionable value, overpriced  Hard to find something positive to say
Notes Knowledgeable friendly staff, 24/7 support available upon subscription, helping customer service department. BBB rating at A+, helps with trustworthiness. Friendly staff, semi misleading advertising “Free service”, they do not always provide the free services, it depends on the type of operating system you have and the type of service you sign up for. VERY Pushy salesmen. Refused to help me whatsoever when asked a simple question. Once I reluctantly paid their fee for the 1 time issue fix, they refused to elaborate one what actions they took, saying it was not part of policy. The issue was eventually fixed, but it took much longer than expected.



Omni Tech Support front page

Omnitechsupport started by asking me to explain the issue clearly to their “sales” team, who eventually transferred me to the support team via logmein. They seemed extremely helpful, and they walked me through all of the steps required. They began by quizzing me about the nature of the issue, some of the reasons the issue could have been caused and etc. Although I understand that this information could be extremely important to them, I felt like this task took a really long time, and could have been sped up a little bit.

After scanning my registry and event viewer for errors that overall may have slowed my computer in general, they pitched me on a one time fix for my issue with a slow computer.

After paying the one time fee of $79.99 (discounted from $99.99) omnitechsupport continued to troubleshoot and solve the issues.

Note: managed to backup my registry and create a restore point before they did anything that they deemed dangerous, just in case anything went wrong that they wanted to be able to reverse later. I appreciated this as it helped me feel more secure with the idea of somebody logging in and messing with such sensitive areas of my computer, especially when I had some many important files on the computer.

Before finishing with the support session the agents ended up installing a calling card that allowed for me to access the free 3 months of tech support that they included with my purchase. This was a nice addition because it made it a lot more accessible in the future. Omni Tech Support.


Overall I was much happier with’s service over supportdocks and iYogi’s. The main selling point to me was the Better Business Bureau’s A+ rating for omnitechsupport and their service program.


Stay tuned for more complete reviews!

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