Tech support for getting a new Windows Restore Disc

Tech support, Restore disc

Secure a new restore disc

After using your Windows operating system for a long period of time, you might find that it is time to overwrite and restore your Windows operating system. To do this you need to have a Windows Restore disc.  The files included in this disc are already burned into its memory so that they will remain uncorrupted even if the computer is affected by virus. If your computer manufacturer hasn’t given you a restore disc, you need to request for it or purchase a new one.

Tech support instructions

For getting a new restore disc, all you have to do is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

  1. Start off with this procedure by locating the product key of your Windows operating system. Normally you can find it on a label located on the bottom of your laptop or on the back side of your desktop. Make a note of this number.
  2. Find the technical support or customer service number of the manufacturer of your computer. You can get this information by visiting the website of the manufacturer, under the heading titled “Contact us”. Sometimes, you will be able to locate the company’s contact number on your user’s manual. Computers are usually shipped with a vendor-specific restore disc and you will be able to get by placing a request regarding the same.

    Tech support, Restore disc

    Secure a new restore disc

  3. Make a call to the manufacturer and request a new disc. You might be required to provide them with the information regarding the date and location of your purchase. You must also let them know the kind of computer you are having and the type of operating system you are using. If they agree to help, which in most cases they do, give them your address can that they can send you the disc.
  4. Go through some online shopping websites like Ebay, Amazon or Pacific Geek for a Windows Restore Disc, if you were not able to get one from the manufacturer. Restore Disc is not that expensive and is widely available. Keep your Windows product key at your disposal as you will be requiring it to reinstall Windows onto your computer.

That’s all with the instructions for getting a new Windows Restore disc. Have a good day!

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