Windows support for sending and receiving emails in Windows Live Mail

Considered as the successor for Outlook Express in Windows XP and Windows Mail in Windows Vista, Windows Live Mail is a free email client from Microsoft designed for Windows Live products. Though developed from Outlook Express and Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail has many functionality differences from the ancestors.  It has own protocols and procedures.

Features of Windows Live Mail

If you have a Windows Live Mail id, it means you have multiple email ids clubbed into one. Email accounts like Yahoo! Gmail, Hotmail and many more can be retrieved through Windows Live Mail. Live Mail has features of Outlook Express with a speed of Windows Live. The highlight of Windows Live Mail is that, the user can work offline and even retrieve messages and data offline. Old messages or calendar events can be accessed even offline, replies can also drafted in offline state. Windows support has the technical guidance and troubleshooting procedures for this email client.

Windows support guidelines for sending emails

These guidelines steps will teach you how to compose an email message and send that through Windows Live Mail. The steps are:

  • Go to the Windows Live Sign In page, and Sign In.
  • Click on New Message to compose a new email in Windows Live.
  • If the New Message option does not work or Windows Live email won’t maximize, right-click on the task bar.
  • Select Maximize from the Properties menu.
  • Repeat the initial two and open the New Message window.
  • Type the message into the body of the message window.
  • Add Subject and attachments if any.    
  • Input the contact email address into the To field. If any CC email contacts are there, add those too.
  • Click Send button at the upper left-hand corner of the Microsoft Windows Live email screen.
  • If you don’t want to send the email right away, select Send Later option.

If the sending option is selected for later, next time when the user clicks on Send/Receive button, the email will be send.

Checking for new emails

New incoming emails can be checked in two ways, manually and automatically. Windows support has steps for both methods

Manual checking- Open the Windows Live Mail account and click on Tools menu. From the drop-down menu, point the mouse to Send and Receive option. Choose Send and Receive All for manually retrieving the new emails from the server

Automatic checking – From Tools menu select Options. Select the General tab, and click the Check for new messages every X minute(s) check box. New email will be checked automatically after the given time period.

Hope this will help you in managing your emails in Windows Live Mail.