Windows support for setting remote assistance in Windows Messenger

Windows Live Messenger is the instant messaging service of the .Net Passport bundle. Along with a chatting facility for online friends, Windows Live Messenger allows users to send files and images through the IM interface. Also users can have video and voice chats with contacts. Windows Messenger allows users to appear offline to a particular contact or category, while appearing online to others. If contacts are not logged in or are offline, Messenger users can even send offline messages.

Windows support says that the .net passport can be used to access many other facilities of Windows Live. The Windows Messenger ID can be used to get remote assistance from online friends for troubleshooting errors and issues. Windows support says that setting up a remote assistance feature is easy, comparatively faster and economic. The steps for connecting a remote assistance using Windows Live Messenger ID are being explained here.

Windows support guidelines for remote assistance

Setting up remote assistance from online friends involves two stages.

The first stage is requesting for help from the online contact and the second one, the acceptance of the request. The second step should be done from the other side of the connection. The steps are as follows:

User Steps

  1. Launch the Windows Live Messenger and click Sign In to enter the application.
  2. Decide the person who is going to help you remotely. This person must be online on the Live Messenger.
  3. Highlight their name in the Live Messenger by clicking on it.
  4. Select Tools in the upper-menu bar of your Live Messenger and select Ask For Remote Assistance.
  5. Click Yes to accept the friend’s confirmation of the session and give control of the desktop to your friend.
  6. Click Stop Control anytime during the proceedings to end the friend’s control and assistance.

After the 4th step, the following steps will be carried out at the friend’s side.

Friend Steps

  • Select Accept in the remote assistance invitation box and wait for the other person to confirm the process.
  • Select Show Chat in the new Remote Assistance desktop page.
  • Click Take Control to begin remotely assisting the friend in solving his problem using his desktop.
  • His Start button will be located on your desktop above your Start button.

These steps will let you seek help, when you need it the most!