Windows support to run full screen Applications in a window

Earlier, to toggle from a full screen application to another program running on your computer, you needed to exit out of the program and then check the other program and restart. This seemed to be very annoying at times when you wanted to quickly access information from other running apps in your system. But this pain in the neck is better addressed in Windows operating systems now. You can run a number of full screen applications in “window” mode, provided your program supports it. This would mean that they won’t take up 100 percent of your screen. When you are running multiple applications on your computer, this is a convenient option for you.

Let’s see the Windows support guidelines to enable full screen applications in window mode.

Windows support instructions to run full screen Applications in a window

  • On your computer keyboard, Press the “Windows” button. You can find this button towards the lower left corner of your keyboard. This button will have a tiny version of the Windows logo on it instead of any numbers or letters as in other buttons. Or you can also select it form the lower left hand corner of your computer screen, where the Start menu is placed usually. Instead of the Start menu, in Vista, it will be the Windows orb. After clicking on this button, the “Start” menu will appear over top of your full screen application.
  • For the traditional “Minimize,” “Restore Down” and “Close” buttons to appear, look to the top right corner of the screen. Please note that if these buttons are not appearing within your full screen application, it might not be supporting the “Window” mode and if that’s the case, nothing can be done.
  • Choose the middle one from these three buttons, that is, “Restore Down” button. Your full screen application will now leave the full screen mode and will begin to run in “Window” mode.
  • To return the program back to the “Full screen” mode, click on the “Restore Down” button again.

These Windows support instructions narrates how you can check out other programs running on your computer without exiting from the full screen application that you are currently using. That’s all the help you will need, thank you!