Windows support to use Windows Logo Keyboard shortcuts

All PC users might be familiar with that Windows Logo shortcut key that is available on all PC keyboards and that can be used to do a number of operations quickly. But, do you know what all can be done with that shortcut key with Windows logo in it? Here’s what the Windows support team has to explain;

Windows Support with keyboard shortcuts

  • Log onto your Windows computer.
  • Click on the “Start” menu at bottom left corner of your screen or by pressing the “Windows Logo” key that opens the Start menu anytime, no matter what application you are using.
  • Open the “Run” dialog box by pressing “Windows Logo key + R“. If you know the command to run a program you can quickly access that application. Type that command in the Run box and hit “Enter” to open the application.
  • By pressing “Windows Logo key + M” for fast access to the desktop, you can also minimize all open windows quickly. Alternatively, when you are finished with the work on the desktop, you can press “Windows Logo key + Shift + M” to maximize all windows.
  • Using a Windows Logo keyboard shortcut, Open Windows Explorer. Windows Explorer provides you a fast way to access files on your hard drive. To access it fast, press “Windows Logo key + E.”
  • The “Find Files or Folders” dialog can be used to find any file or folder on any of your hard drives. Press the “Windows Logo Key + F” to Access the shortcut to the “Find Files or Folders” dialog.
  • You can cycle through the open windows the same way you do with “Alt+ Tab” by using the “Windows Logo key + Tab” shortcut.
  • For quick access to configuration options, open the “System Properties” dialog by pressing “Windows Logo key + Pause” shortcut. It is located in the same row as the F1 through F12 keys are located and is usually directly above the Page Up key.
  • The “Help and Support” center is an all in one help application for all Windows support. For fast access of “Help and Support” center, press “Windows Logo key + F1“.

So, that’s how the Windows help team instructs you to make use of your keyboard shortcuts.