Windows Support: About Vista Service Pack (SP1)

vista service pack 1Microsoft must have scrambled to their feet for this one. Windows Vista was released as Microsoft’s most ‘secure, advanced and sophisticated’ operating system yet. Two weeks after launch, the tech superstars at Microsoft would have gladly given up their job and taken up housekeeping instead. Hell broke loose. Windows Support was top priority. Imagine the daily grind. Engineers working off their highly paid bottoms late into the night, providing Windows support solutions to irate customers while the rest of Microsoft’s occupied with the millions of Vista issues that still need a solution. Till today, Microsoft continues garner enough windows support providers for its Vista platform.

Windows support? Really?

So what did all that brilliance result in? Service Packs – Microsoft’s interpretation of automated Windows support.  It’s a collection of updates, fixes and enhancements in a downloadable package that can be installed like any program. XP had three of them. How many would Vista have, you wonder. You’d expect a red faced Microsoft to come up with a brilliant fix to contain Windows Vista’s infamy, but the only ‘Windows support’ you received was a host of more Vista problems. Initially, Vista service pack (SP1) caused a lot of PC’s to continually reboot, causing physical hard disk crashes. Microsoft hastily suspended its automatic deployment. Windows Support was looking rather bleak, while Vista owners; hanging by a prayer.

April 2008. Their prayers are answered – in 36 different languages. Vista Service pack 1 was fully rolled out. Hello Windows support! Improved reliability and performance.  We’re talking administration experience (that’s a relief from UAC!), support for newer hardware. Remember all those problems with file copy and the JavaScript IE crashes? Fixed. Hibernation and auto log-off problems? Fixed. Microsoft must be really listening this time. For more help, check out Vista Problems!.